Receiving & Paying Agent

We are authorised and regulated by the FCA with the relevant permissions to hold client money. We manage the receipt and processing of application forms, reconciliation of subscription monies and calculate investment allocations and other payments.

  • Managing the application process
  • Receiving and handling client money in accordance with FCA’s rules
  • Making investment allocations, paying adviser charges, interest payments and final distributions to investors

Custodian &
Nominee Services

We hold and safeguard client assets including cash, shares or other investment instruments throughout the life of the investment. Using a Nominee means that we will hold the underlying investor information in one place – streamlining corporate processes so our clients only have to deal with a single shareholder representative.

  • Holding and safeguarding client money and assets (securities)
  • Provision of Nominee entity to hold legal title of securities on behalf of beneficial owners
  • Investor reporting

Registrar &
Corporate services

We handle all of the shareholder services for companies and funds, ranging from share register management to effecting corporate actions and managing investor communications.

As Woodside is part of the Tricor group we can also offer Company Secretarial services, handle statutory filings and even provide named director and registered address services both within the UK and across the Asia Pacific region. For more information about Tricor and its services, please contact us.

Fund Administration

Through the wider Tricor group, we are able to offer a suite of back-office fund administration functions, including accounting, tax compliance and company secretarial services. Whether these services are required on a standalone basis (for example accounting services only) or as a complete fund administration package, we will tailor our services to our clients’ specific needs.

  • Accounting & Book-keeping
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Annual compliance filings
  • Company Secretarial

(S)EIS administration services

Where investments qualify under the Enterprise Investment Scheme, we understand that investors expect to claim their relief without delay. We can handle the process from start to end, removing the administrative burden from the Company.

  • Making (S)EIS1 applications to HMRC’s Small Company Enterprise Centre (SCEC)
  • Liaising with the SCEC as an authorised agent
  • Preparing and issuing (S)EIS3 certificates to investors

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